Biz-Hub Innovative Entrepreneurial Challenge

Biz-Hub is an entrepreneurial development service for our network of aspiring entrepreneurs and potential employees.

Throughout the year several activities are completed and citizens benefit from the services provided by the nonprofit company and its stakeholders.

We provide a regional award winning Entrepreneurial Development Service inclusive of:
Business advice\consultations.
Mentor-ship\Monitoring\guidance to existing enterprises.
Administrative assistance: (proposals, startup\developmental plans)
Holistic Coaching & Training, Seminars/Workshops

We have received the following awards for Outstanding Social Entrepreneurship:

1. 2015 Regional Best Product (Agriculture)
2. 2015 Regional Best Quality Award Services & Cultural Industries
3. 2014 Best Quality Regional Award
4. 2013 Most Informative (Biz-HUB Community Program\TEAM SVG) Regional Award
5. 2011 – Social Entrepreneurship Award for the Year
6. 2010 – Employment Generation Award
7. 2010 – Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award

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