About Us…

Constructive Solutions Inc. (nonprofit 96/2012) was established in St. Vincent and the Grenadines from March 2009, by its founder Ambassador Dr. Ashley C. John, to provide an additional critical social support system for people between the ages of 13-55, who are daily falling through the cracks of society; have either dropped out of society, have become disengaged, have completed up to tertiary education, and might be finding themselves un/underemployed, or indecisive about the right direction to follow.

C.S.Inc. aims to provide the needed life skills and additional social support to help people conquer the vast socio economic challenges they encounter on a daily basis.

The nonprofit company is managed by a board of directors working closely with Executive Director Dr. Ashley C. John.

Board of Directors:
1. Dr. Ashley C John Chairman
2. Mr. Allan Leach Director
3. Ms. Helen Yammie Director
4. Ms. Uklyn Abbott Secretary

Project Team:

Ms. Semesha Corea (Project Coordinator)

It’s very evident there are many mature males & females in the communities across St. Vincent & The Grenadines who want to do something productive with their lives but many are indecisive, many have not taken the time yet to plan their futures and many are victims of varying abuses as a result of poverty and its impact on the individual, family, community and nation.

We have discovered there are also many people who want to gain life skills which will help them conquer the socio economic challenges; but there are not in a position to pay for such services due to severe unemployment.

We at Constructive Solutions Inc; believe that it still takes a community to raise one child\person (each one push up one) and we can all come together and help these people who are willing to help themselves and others.

We have designed several community projects inclusive of our regional award winning community program “Biz-Hub “and activities which has aided us in delivering the help needed.

We believe if we can convert the national strategic plans into an actual reality and give genuine opportunities to people, inspiring and encouraging them to contribute meaningfully to the continuous socio-economic development initiatives, by using their many skills and talents; there will be further growth in the nation(s).


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