Vincentian Products within the developing “Cultural Industries”, to be Exhibited at the Innugral MSME Conference Jamaica


St. Vincent & the Grenadines

BuysvgexpoEstacykellyTeam Biz-Hub SVG will exhibit and promote a variety of products made by Vincentian entrepreneurs.

CSINC-LOGO-TransarentVincentian Social Enterprise; Constructive Solutions Inc., Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods (CoESL) Approved Preferred Partner (APP), has been selected by CoESL and funded by SBAJ through the CDB to represent Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises at the upcoming MSME Inaugural Conference July 19-21 in Jamaica.

ecofriendlysvgharvest10.jpgDr. Ashley John; the Executive Director and coordinator of Team BIz-Hub SVG say they have been kept busy collaborating with several entrepreneurs to collect their Products & information on their Services which will be exposed to the regional and global market during this historic conference.

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Approved Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises; ‘MSME’s” Awali” by Donella Power, Fosters Creations by Mwan Foster, AfroBBean Designs by Brenda McIntosh-Iroha, Ngozi & Ikesha Art by Ikesha Delpeshe, Aroura’s by Alita Garraway; Abb & Ann’s Creations by Mellisa Patterson, DMMS&S by David Martin, Edge Media Centre by Semesha Corea, Ecstacy Kelly, and Hairouna Crafts by Hanif Sutherland are all apart of our Biz-Hub Development Service; a regional award winning sustainable development program.

The event, under the theme ‘Collaboration for Caribbean Sustainability’, will bring together stakeholders to discuss legislation, economic growth, financing, trade, and investment, with the specific objective of shaping opportunities for regional small businesses.

We at Constructive Solutions Inc. working closely with our local, regional and global partners; will continue to Prepare, Promote and Celebrate entrepreneurial development across SVG.

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