Constructive Solutions Inc. & Partners Youth Lead Community Change on Global Youth Service Day, April 21-23 2017

From Friday April 21 – Sunday April 23, Young Vincentians would get an opportunity to participate in “Youth Impacting a Nation” coordinated by local non-profit Constructive Solutions Inc.

The young people join millions of others around the globe who are celebrating Global Youth Service Day during the weekend of April 21-23. Editor’s note: Media are invited to attend Constructive Solutions Inc.  Global Youth Service Day activities. Interviews and photos are available upon request.

On Friday April 21st, Young people will gather in Kingstown SVG, to view a documentary by the young people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines produced by Edge Media Centre and partners, where youth will share how they are being impacted and how they are impacting this nation as citizens of our Blessed Hairouna.


On Saturday 22nd April 2017, Young people can join C.S.Inc. as we partner with Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN-SVG Chapter) to complete a community service project.

Then on Sunday we celebrate and hang out with other young people, the Millennial Pop Up” at Harvest Bible Chapel Ministry Centre, Arnos Vale.

Global Youth Service Day recognizes the positive impact that young people have on their communities 365 days a year. GYSD is celebrated in more than 135 countries with youth-led service projects and community events. “We know that young people are uniquely suited to help solve problems – if given the opportunity,” said Steven A. Culbertson, CEO and president of YSA (Youth Service America), the leader of GYSD. “Today’s social and environmental problems are immense; we need youth in St. Vincent & the Grenadines to be leaders and problem solvers today, not just the leaders of a distant tomorrow.”

img_5347Dr. Ashley John, Executive Director of Constructive Solutions Inc. stated our non-profit company is a leading Civil Society Organization based in Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines. We continue to provide an additional critical social support service to our young citizens across S.V.G to help them conquer some of the  socio economic challenges they face.  C.S. Inc  remains committed by continuing to promote and foster the entrepreneurial mindset among citizens in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as a means of inspiring creativity, innovation, building independence, creating jobs for unemployed citizens and  generating wealth.

“The Youth Impacting a Nation” Program is going to be the creation of a documentary and plan of action for youth by youth of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. They will get the opportunity to share they view of the individual, family, community and Nation. They will additionally have an opportunity to come together as group for one day and discuss their documentary and then break out into groups to come up with an action plan to change the challenges they face and to also celebrate their achievements as young people.

ysaCelebrating 29 years, Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) celebrates and mobilizes the millions of young people who improve their communities through service.  GYSD is the largest service event in the world and the only one dedicated to the contributions that children and youth make 365 days of the year. GYSD is celebrated each April in more than 135 countries on 6 continents, with young people working together to address the world’s most critical issues and change their communities.

onlinregistrationYoung people can register by sending us an expression of interest, or reply to our promo’s

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