A look at the SVG-2017 Budget; a Sustainable development for all perspective…

The Challenge we have with this budget is not the raise in taxes as a stand alone issue,  but the lack of developmental funding and resources to generate income across the board for citizens of SVG…
SVG does not have adequate local production to help in the earning of much needed foreign exchange and we have so much idle lands and resources that can be utilized if more people had access to entrepreneurial training and tangible resources…
This political mess ‘Electioneering” won’t solve these economic problems, actually they will become worst as the years progress if we don’t change our national priority to that of SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS FOR ALL… SDG goal #8….
We have lots of human resource challenges to be addressed, we need to revive civil society as partners with GOVERNANCE and implementation of Sustainable Development Initiatives.
The fact that the present government and its direct stakeholders believe that they can do it on their own and for their own has put the country at a great disadvantage, that needs to be corrected in the very short term or this island economy would continue to tumble due to so many wasted Public resources…
Building roads and building is great for infrastructure but not for economic development in the short term; there needs to be balance. we have always stated clearly that same way we can source money to build a road, (40 Mil) plus we can at the same time seek a similar total to help develop the Micro enterprises across SVG, because most of the citizens here thrive by trading of goods.
Compared to our imports we are truly not making any economic sense in this direction and its time enough we stop the party politics on these issues and see them for what they are and how they will impact the citizens across the board.
12039605_10153359279738451_577418065717645226_nThe facts are clear, more than 54% Vincentians are under the age of 30… many remain living at their parents, many live off of gifts from the diaspora, the majority of learnt Vincentians had no choice than to depart to make a sustainable livelihood not only for themselves but many of their family members who remain here…
Unemployment has been rising to where it stands now to 25.1% out of the working population 18-65… this represents more than 14’000 and we still have not addressed the others that cannot be gainfully employed as yet, and its predicted that this figure would rise because more younger people are having multiple children.
It’s all good for the majority of those who have been favorable in gaining political favor, jobs, part-time attachments to sit now and say oh its nothing just pay the extra increases but ask them if they will cut they salaries to help the others who don’t have a stable income to be able to gain an income i’m sure seeing no.
Also most irresponsible is the comparison of those in the diaspora to those who live in SVG, that we have to pay it to, but the economic conditions are not the same, even if you check the population for example of USA some 325 Million compared to a mere 109 000 plus local population its very wrong to even consider because that local number recored a 0% on the worlds population index.

SVG is a small island developing state; and I know many don’t even have a clue what that means, but its significant when we make budgetary decisions.

We see the need for more public discussions and consultations before these decisions are made, we see the need to have a broader cross section of civil society and social partners involved in these processes and then we would be able to get a more balanced foresight of how we face the days ahead together.
The constant demonizing of people who share differing views won’t work in a democracy and would only increase frustrations when people feel they are boxed in as is happening now. SVG cannot afford to be thinking backward at this time, we need to up our game; we need to consult more, gain more knowledge of economic development and its impact of societies and come together and develop serious policies and programs across the board that can reap tangible benefits and sustainable development for all…

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