SVG Looks forward to the opening of Argyle International Airport “AIA” with mixed views…

Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Friday February 03 2017

16112627_1253169921442201_4367601942445260552_o.jpg“Love is in the air they say, many still believe it’s an error while others do their best to make sense of this new era that has come upon us, the Argyle International Airport.

10711040_10154743268255517_8522463761571980142_nAs a social entreprise and S.M.E Consultants; we at CSInc. have been asked our views on this project and its impact on the private sector?. Yes we did answer and here are an extension of those views.

First we want to acknowledge that there is a physical International Airport that will shortly become operational on 14th February 2017, ideally Valentines day. We take this opportunity to formally congratulate the Government of St. Vincent & the Grenadines on achieving this significant milestone.

If one has to go from the campaign slogan of the ULP one could easily connect the dots… ‘Love is in the air’.

16251941_1264144327011427_5477264334620728789_oNevertheless we believe if we truly Love our citizens then we should accept that we all think differently and view development from many angles, hence there would be questions asked and objections raised; and whats troubling is the present demonization of such people who wish to say they see things differently.

We believe the best approach should be to ‘Listen” and take any concerns raised into consideration and any constructive solutions, a strategic action plan should then be developed because while there is an opening there would be a greater need for sustainable continuation for a project of such magnitude.

goal-8Secondly we want to go right to the SDG’s and see how this, the largest capital project to date in SVG has helped us to achieve goal #8.

a) Vincentians now have the opportunity to achieve higher levels of Economic production through diversification.

b) Creation of more development oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

c) Ease of access to Global and Regional Market spaces cannot be underscore, we know this would not be magic and some might want to believe but by more entrepreneurs assertively making wise use of such a facility.

d) Encourages growth\formalization of the micro, small and medium enterprises, who are now in a better position to provide more products and services.

e) Investors should be more confident with more direct access to products and services, hence a reduction in cost.

With all the above being said, we still have to be very mindful of our need to provide consistent high quality products and services as the opening of the AIA also allows the global market easier access inland to potential consumers.

12773407_10205806146647984_134319388_oOur citizens must “Up their game” and do so immediately and purposefully, we cannot treat visitors and returning nationals with disdain, but welcome opportunities of growth in our diverse sectors.

We must be willing to share our unique “vincentian experiences” with each person, business and sector and leave people wanting more. Yes we have invested in a spectacular looking physical building and we now need to create that balance in the management of the facility and our customers.

CSINC-LOGO-TransarentWe at Constructive Solutions Inc. are very mindful of the need for improvement in our economic development locally and we would be more than willing ti partner with any organization, public, private, academia and the church to help us make wise and best use of this lifetime development project.

We are aware the facility has to be paid for and there is the chance that our cost of living will raise, we know the taxes we pay would have to bear some increases however we want to all see the benefits of such investments in the medium and long term so that all citizens in this small island developing state can say we are all part of nation building.

16179854_1264144467011413_2699969913560780821_o.jpgOn that note we to add our optimism to the success of the Argyle International Airport and too look forward to utilizing this facility for our global travels, and to serve our guest with the best possible experience because as our uncle skinny sings, SVG… “This island is mines”







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