Who really is this Dr. Ashley C. John Amb.

Many have asked, many have misunderstood, many have commended while others are yet to know; today we take a closer look at this very resilient, result driven son of the vincentian soil.

10711040_10154743268255517_8522463761571980142_nIf you have ever attended one of the `Ministry sessions, workshops, coaching sessions, consultations which Dr. Ashley C. John Amb. coordinates; even during his times of dedicated Praise & Worship to the Lord, within several ministries both home and abroad you would have had one of those rare occasions to make direct contact with this passionate and inspiring young man.

Dr. John was born at Gomea Village, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, he is the 5\7 children to Evelyn John and one of the sons of his Father Esa Ross of Evesham. He loves family and community development, as he always puts it “people period”.

Dr. John has been raised in this direction first by his departed grandmother Louise John formerly of Gomea, she demonstrated a love for people and her community, was an avid agri-preneur and was temporarily employed with the road gangs across SVG; that tenacity has stuck with him all his life, though he only vacationed in SVG periodically.

IMG_2179In Barbados Dr. John says his contribution to the growth and success of different companies, small and micro enterprises, the Public Sector and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), over the past twenty-four years has been significant.

I have been acknowledged as being as a strategic professional who deploys a participative management style and an excellent team builder and consultant on organizational, community and personal development.

These traits have allowed me to earn multiple leadership awards inclusive:

  • Honorary DoctoratePhilosophy in Humanities United Graduate College & Seminary International USA –November 2015
  • Goodwill Ambassador – Golden Rule I-Change Nations USA
  • 2015 Global Leadership Award I-Change Nations USA
  • 2015 Golden Rule International Award I-Change Nations USA
  • 2015 COESL Best Product Award Cultural Industries & Services
  • 2015 COESL Best Product Award Agriculture
  • 2015 COESL Partnership Award
  • 2014 Best Quality Award 7th (COESL) Sustainable Livelihoods Conference Antigua & Barbuda
  • 2014 COESL Partnership Award
  • 2013- Most Informative Award – 6th(COESL) Sustainable Livelihoods Conference Jamaica
  • 2011- Social Entrepreneur Award of the Year – BYBT
  • 2008 Distinction – Wesleyan College of Barbados – Effective Counseling Level 1&2
  • 2006 Employment Generation Award BYBT
  • 2003 Restaurant Manager of the Quarter – Chefette Restaurants Ltd.
  • Assistant Manager of the Year – 2000 Chefette Restaurants Ltd

Dr. Ashley John returned to his homeland to reside in March 2012 driven by the passion to help the young people and entrepreneurial citizens to gain sustainable livelihoods via entrepreneurship and work force development programs, programs, projects and activities.

He founded Constructive Solutions Inc.#96\2012 based in SVG,  which he has been able to grow tremendously in the last five years as the Chairman\Executive Director. “C.S.Inc.” the non profit company is the approved implementing partner of the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods based in Barbados where one of his mentor extraordinaire founded this regional giant amidst the need to help rebuild our national economies-via entrepreneurship, a model Dr. John has been working relentlessly to achieve.

Some of his regional colleagues describe him in such terms:

Dr. Marcia Brandon Chief Entrepreneurial Expert COESL

1) “Dr. Ashley John is a highly experienced and knowledgeable, hands-on people development professional. He works with youth and adults to help them to gain the necessary abilities and skills they need to acquire sustainable livelihoods for themselves, their families and their communities

At the core of what Dr. John practices is entrepreneurship.  This is unique value proposition for Dr. John’s methodology.  His focus on ensuring that people’s mindset, strategy and tactics are aligned, is what sets him apart from others.  His willingness and awareness that all things are connected and all people interdependent places  him in line with the present SDGs model of sustainable development.” Dr. Marcia Brandon Chief Entrepreneurial Expert COESL

15123258_1848368052067606_4365266715520279897_o2) “I have found that Ashley has maintained the highest standards of professionalism and has exhibited qualities which suggest that he is a good manager. Ashley has always been extremely responsive and constructive in his engagement. More importantly, he has also demonstrated that he can work well collaboratively in a highly pressurized environment.” Shantal Monroe-Knight


Reginald Burke Executive Coordinator CYEN

“I have found him to be very knowledgeable about the environment and sustainable development issues that face Small Island Developing States. He has also demonstrated an admirable understanding of community needs and dynamics as well as general challenges encountered by young citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. As an individual I have found him to be highly disciplined, forthright, fair, impartial and honest and with a tremendous drive to succeed.

Mr. John is an intelligent and articulate individual. He has a pleasant personality, is hard working and undertakes his assigned tasks successfully without undue fuss.” Reginald Burke – Executive Coordinator CYEN 



Looking back Dr. John says that it took enormous sacrifice and vigor to achieve such work and personal ethics, he does not hesitate in giving the credit to the Grace of Almighty God; for keeping him, guiding and leading him with multiple gifts over the years. He has endeavoured now to share these traits to other young persons especially because he believes that this wisdom and discipline is seriously lacking today, though we are in an academically and technologically advanced generation.

Dr. John laughs as he elaborates, I take everything I do very serious, I just believe life is too precious to be wasted, yes I do have a great sense of humor but there is also a time and place for everything. I strongly believe we should always do our work at our utmost best as much as we can. I was raised on reverence to God, scriptural principles , manners, respect for self and others also to take responsibility for my actions, therefore I am not easily lead astray or manipulated and this is very uncomfortable for many whom have come in contact for me thinking because im easy going (humble) i’m an easy walk over… Wrong… I am wise…

innovative challengeGoing forward Dr. John through Constructive Solutions Inc. has designed the Biz-Hub Innovative Entrepreneurial Challenge which is a social, economic and environmental development program that has been rolled out across St. Vincent & the Grenadines during 2016 as a pilot; and he says this will continue over the next two years and possibly longer as we seek to gain financial freedom for more of our citizens.

wp-1464502399174.jpegSome of his personal goals looking forward; is to continue to worship, walk and work for Christ as this leads all his daily activities, be able to reach the globe teaching people how to use what they have in their hands which is a vision inspired to him from Exodus 4:2 and to continue to be a nation builder, humanitarian and the best father possible amidst any challenges that should arise.

Dr. John states categorically that he knows this was not achieved alone and give full gratitude to all the friends, partners, stake holders whom would have helped in any way to make these dreams become reality and look forward to building more multilateral partnerships in order to help us achieve the sustainable development goals(SDG’s).

@C.S.Inc 2016

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