C.S.Inc. SVG named as one of two Regional Giants; recognized for developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset of it’s citizens.

Bridgetown Barbados

October 29, 2016
10711040_10154743268255517_8522463761571980142_nConstructive Solutions Inc. (CS Inc.) based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, led by Dr. Ashley John Amb; ‘a social enterprise venture” formed to prepare, promote and celebrate entrepreneurship development across St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has been recognized as a Regional Giant for Sustainable Development through their Entrepreneurial Development Mindset programs and projects.

As reflection from the 2015 Annual Caricom Sustainable Livelihoods conference, held in Grande Anse Grenada, in under the theme, “Actions for Developing the Region’s Entrepreneurial, Resilient People and Sustainable Communities,  A Governance perspective”

11043171_348555372001470_1223776153777445871_oManaging Director Bevenisha Moodie, of Montage Management Consultancy Limited Jamaica has taken a very critical look at Resilience and Good Governance and it’s impact on social, economic and environmental development for citizens across the Caribbean region.

In the report commissioned by the Institute for Law and Economics (ILE) Institute for Law and Economics (ILE), Ms. Moodie stated; Constructive Solutions Inc. is the SVG implementing partner, mentored and accredited by (CoESL) Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods based in Barbados.

“CoESL is motivated by the essentials for starting and growing the business while inculcating the attributes of ‘good citizenry’. The organization’s desideratum is providing incubator/accelerator programmes for entrepreneurs, NGOs and non-entrepreneurs, co-sharing /working space as well as workforce and leadership development.

CoESL helps to inculcate the ‘leaving no one behind’ model, based on the philosophy that the region has enough for everyone to partake of.   A similar NGO operating similar programs is Constructive solutions Inc. based in Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines. 

The most fundamental uniqueness of CoESL and partners is their focus on helping people to build their resources by placing them in direct contact with commercial opportunities to sustainably create their own livelihoods.

12065762_438733519650321_3879783884763574778_nMs. Moodie further stated, “On the whole,  organizations such as these are necessary to successfully create, imbue, encourage and safeguard the machinery of entrepreneurship and therefore should be seen as critical complementers of the governance structures in the region. They should be endorsed and supported financially.

Dr. John states he is “well pleased with this (ILE) report and the fact that our hard sacrificial work as social entrepreneurs is being recognized across the region. We endorse that our local Governments need to recognize the times we are in economically and make all efforts to collaborate with credited social enterprises such as C.S.Inc. and partners.

cropped-1264261_10153247408780517_427764891_o-3.jpgWe look forward to continuously preparing, promoting and celebrating entrepreneurship development across the region and globe”.

@Dr.Ashley.C.John 2016

2 thoughts on “C.S.Inc. SVG named as one of two Regional Giants; recognized for developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset of it’s citizens.

  1. Dr. John is one of the most resilient persons I know and his practices are very detailed. He has helped many Vincentians without having help himself to execute projects worthy of support. I am impressed with his mind set to stay focus and do what is best for the business.


    1. Thanks so much Esther Davis one of our valuable partners as collaboratively we work towards sustainable development for all via entrepreneurship. WE are indeed grateful to serve others in the community but we could not at all do this with out the kind assistance of our ecosystem which includes service providers like yourself. Lets continue in our motto, “Each one Push Up One”. REspectfully Dr. Ashley C. John Amb.


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