“We Salute” Vincentian Entrepreneur Evadnee Phillips… Founder/Manager “Nice Impression” Kingstown SVG 

One could not help  but notice the vincentian colours and emblems being good used as part of the creation of hand made local jewelry by Evadnee Phillips who founded her innovative enterprise “Nice Impressions”.

Today C.S.Inc was introduced to this very passionate female entreprenuer as she was having a discussion us sion with our multilateral partner under the SVG Innovative Entrepreneurial Challenge Estate Davis of Legacee Marketing and Sales. 

Ms. Phillips found it hard to hold back her challenges, she also shared many successes, having had a successful trade show in Tortola recently, where many of the potential  users loved her products and made many purchases, she is eager to start exporting her products to diverse global markets. 

She is presently completing some personal development training, which is a step in the right direction for an entreprenuer to #upyourgame which will help create a more sustainable enterprise and livelihood. 

We look forward to working more with Nice Impression  as we help her explore other global markets and participate in other trade shows answer exhibition it ions using our regional and global partnerships to help out the process. 

We want to remain committed to helping entreprenuers develop and grow themselves and their enterprises as we all seek to gain economic freedom. 

We have urged Ms. Phillips to keep up her good work and passion which she agreed and will be creating a local product line in the near future. 

Contact us by email:info@consolinc.org to have an assessment done on your business. We look forward to working with other entrepreneurs as our motto states “Each One Push up One”. 

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