Hassle Free Courier & Custom Brokerage Services

For several months now, C.S.Inc and A&E Investments have been working together testing a pilot initiative to provide an efficient customs brokerage and courier services for persons who import and export goods across St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


“Weekly, we have been clearing and delivering air and sea cargo items, we can even place orders for potential customers and deliver directly to your door, if that’s what’s you require” says Allan Leach of A&E Investments.


He further states that initially the service was developed for persons on the Grenadines island of Bequia where the business was founded but have been exploring a multilateral partnerships with Constructive Solutions Inc based on Halifax Street, Kingstown, which has helped to increase our efficiency.


This service is great for the busy working individuals who might not have the time to deal with the necessary transactions when importing or exporting goods.

We are open to business Mondays to Saturdays and we can be reached by telephone  (784) 531-2844 or 492-0908.

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