Vincentian Youth have set out on a ” Road to Victory” to create a niche in the Cultural Industries and Services Sector…

St. Vincent and the Grenadines


Today was yet another historic day for youth entrepreneurship development in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, when a group of six (6) young talented youth in Film, Photography, Videography, Modelling, Marketing and Management met at the Shiela Mcdonald Holistic Training room, in collaboration with local C.S.O Constructive Solutions Inc.


Today’s planning meeting was part of a series of discussions that has been  ongoing to implement plans to improve the quality of digital media products and services being offered to to the local, regional and global market, especially by vincentian youth.


A new program was developed as a result of today’s meeting, “EPIX”… which is a digital media power house which will be a hub for the formation of an effective ecosystem to help develop this very vital industry, as part of the sustainable development program designed by C.S.Inc ” SVG Innovative Entrepreneurial Challenge”.

“This one year pilot program “EPIX”,  is a joint collaboration with the youth entreprenuers and will further receive consultations and monitoring by C.S.Inc to help these young people, better Prepare, Promote and Celebrate entrepreneurship as a viable option to gain a better quality life and sustainable livelihoods for all” says Dr. Ashley.C.John, the Executive Director of Constructive Solutions Inc.



We intend to develop this islands first youth digital media centre, and as their agreed motto says, “We Capture the experience, We Create the Memories”.


The young group will embark on a twelve week training session from Monday 09th May 2016 on becoming “More Effective Entreprenuers”and during this time they will be developing their model concept and seeking in earnings from interested donars to see this project to another success.


This historic initiative is a joint effort between Expose SVG, Edge Media Centre, Stacia Thomas, K.B Pixels and EPIX will share more information with the general public in due course via their Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

This is going to be a total transformation for the Cultural Industries in SVG in the areas of film, photography and videography, the team says “we are the difference” for more information and to give tangible support to this initiative you can feel free to make contact via email: att: Stacia Thomas.

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