Entreprenuership is not for Grabbers #2


Last time we set the tone on what is an entrepreneur and what approaches are necessary to explore your #road!!victory.  In this blog #2, we wish to take a look at the principle in scripture which tells us , what so ever a man soweth that shall he also reap”.

Entrepreneurship requires lots of sacrifice, sweat equity, investment and commitment before you begin to receive the rewards of your hard work. It is still true that by the sweat of man’s brow shall he eat brow, simply put it’s not for grabbers, you MUST be willing to give before you can receive.

It is important to note that no two businesses are alike, each location, product and service has its own unique i questions characteristics so don’t longer be fooled that I can just copy what Tom Brown is doing so simply make it, yes you might start off with a few sales, but that is not the making of a sustainable business.


Entrepreneurship thrives on the innovative creation of sustainable ideas, that will be able to remain in existence for years to come, and it also is established to create employment and income for all stakeholders and not just intended for the owners alone to benefit.

In our day, today many follow the notion it’s all about me, many belive their can trick their way to profitability and most times end up loosing their investments or with no profit.


If you are looking for a quick method to make money then entrepreneurship certainly is not for you, to be a successful entreprenuer you have to make up your mind to “tuff it out”. You have to be knowledgeable with  ads flow management and be able to project your income and  expenses over a period between 1-3 years in most cases.

Fear not, you can be helped by better planning and budgeting, by also hiring service providers or staff with the needed “competence” to skillfully manage these processes. One has to make up their mind to invest in their enterprises in order to gain long term profits.


Training is also a very critical area mostly overlooked and we at Constructive Solutions Inc. want to reemphasize that entreprenuers should never be found not making investments in developmental training both personally and industry.


The time is ripe and you must stop being fooled by delusions and false hope which is spreading like the wind these days, to operate a successful business requires an entrepreneurial mindset one which is fully aware i will not get back what I put in right away but gradually once I put the correct structures in place, develop a suitable strategic and business plan then my success is more likely attainable, again use the acronym SMART when considering entrepreneurship.


The project team at C.S.Inc would be very willing to assist you via our BIZ-HUB, an entrepreneurial development program for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.


We have in our ecosystem an effective team of service providers suitable to help you from idea to profitability, it’s now up to you, make the investment today and don’t start with the excuse I don’t have, instead learn how to use what you have in your hands to make things happen for you and the business.

We look forward to hearing from you at our project office, Halifax Street, Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines, we can be contacted by email:info@consolinc.org or by whatsapp/tel (784)492-0908.

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