Aspiring young Nigerian Doctor starts on the “Road to Victory” with 300.00 Naira


His mission is simple, “My life and story must inspire others and produce miracles in their lives” the words repeated very boldly by Ifeatu Caesar Onyeachonam, this young amazing yet very simple man from the Igbo Tribe South East Nigeria.

While many perhaps visited the beach, some went to different places of interest, “Caesar” as he is known by many who like me cannot pronounce his name , and I spent a day filled with rich brotherly fellowship sitting on the highways and byways in the Arnos Vale Area, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines sharing our life stories. Today I got the chance once again to be inspired.

We met some months back at the Harvest Bible Chapel SVG, where he and his colleagues are known as Nigerian Medical Students”, I’ve always observed his very quiet, calm and humble demeanor until about a week ago I just felt the urge to ask him to share his story.

Yes, very curious to find out about life in Nigeria as I’m intrigued by the African Movies which always make reference to Lagos in Nigeria I wanted to experience first-hand what it meant to be a Nigerian.

They say never judge a book by its cover, and today we will share with you why, this absolutely amazing story of Caesar’s “Road to Victory.

His goal is to establish a global holistic Medical Center, this he says is driven by the fact that over time he witnessed the manner in howsome health care providers were not as compassionate as they should be when delivering that specially needed care which he emphasized is so critical to help people heal.

Caesar is a young man who describes himself as a GO-GETTER, He says with lots of passion “I have a Can-DO-mentality”, I always strive to keep my mind strong and positive, I believe in simplicity and the possibility of excellence. Ifeatu says he just refuses to see limitations, even though throughout his life there were things thrown at him that created some set backs and wanted to knock him off his feet.

Ceasar11He gets very emotional and red eyes when he spoke of the major set back his family encountered at a time when he was much younger.  naira .jpgIt was out of his personal challenges after his school days that he decided to utilize his inherited  entrepreneurial drive, as his mum taught him many lessons from her entrepreneurial journey,  and he sets out with mere #300.00 Naira; which he laughs now as he checked his bag to realize he actually had same in his pocket to start what was then a liquid detergent business.

He gives credit to a lady who took the time to train him the art of making this special soap liquid and how every member of his family especially his eldest sister helped him so much by getting his products across to people in their spheres of contact. His immediate elder sister would purchase from him and each time add a bonus incentive to the cost of the products which he took and reinvested after removing his “Tithes”. Also, a man encouraged him with a cash gift of #2000 Naira after hearing him share his entrepreneurial story.

13235062_10153661964410922_1669434622_o.jpgYes Caesar has an absolutely strong passion for Worship, Walking and Working for Christ and weekly while here in St. Vincent & the Grenadines he is found in either his medical classes, a small group or the Sunday corporate worship at Harvest Bible Chapel in Arnos Vale. He also sings as part of the worship teams that are coordinated.

Caesar said he also started a fish farm; after his liquid soap business started to grow many elderly persons were paying attention and he made sure each time he markets his products with the best quality ever. He also recounted how he would request for feedback from his patronizers each time he sold to them in order to make adjustments where necessary, and was even encouraged by her siblings




to change his original bottles to a more marketable type. He ensured he managed his business and would be sure not to spend his operating expenses and often times he would save the “gain” and reinvest into the business.

fish-ponds-on-the-farmThis led to his brother introducing him to  a friend who was heading the fishery and aquatics department at the University of Nigeria and also funded the fish farm which he managed at the time, he was delighted because he was seeing progress, he was elated as he saw the fish grow from a tiny size to the large marketable fish.

At this point he stops to share some wisdom, “be focused on your vision and people would buy into it”. Ifeatu Onyeachonam 

ceasar 4

God gives what we are ready and make room for and not always when we pray for it, so our responsibility is to work on the plans, get prepared so when the answer comes we are ready to recognize it and have something to show, Caesar did not hesitate during the interview to give Praise unto God for all his Spiritual blessings to-date, he said “in no way do I want persons to believe my Road to Victory is an easy one, but I’m sure it will work out according to Gods plans for my life and it can for yours as well but again you must have a vision”.


Ifeatu said because he had a vision and he prayed and planned for it, he had no idea his brother also had another lucrative enterprenuerial idea but when he had the opportunity to share this vision with him, the connections were made, he was actually connected with an expert in Quadraphonics who guided him through the entire process and also became an investor to the fish farm.

Ceasar8He again laughs and says there is nothing like what you are doing yourself and its growing, an awesome feeling he says, lots of inspiration he got from there.

Caesar says he believes money follows vision and we have to get away from the thinking that we have to first have money to create a vision, he said in his own experience he was able to see the key was to make-sure he had good plans and then sell that plan to influence others to invest in your idea, while some may say no, others might want to see you get started before they come on-board so start by using what you have, if its even a pencil and a piece of paper write down your plans in that way when people see you with a written plan they will take you more serious.

IMG_1006For persons who don’t have the slightest idea of how to write or start your business or career planning, get in contact with us at the Project office of Constructive Solutions Inc. we can be reached by email: to make an appointment, don’t hesitate, we will also provide a full entrepreneurial development service inclusive of life and work skills development.

As we came to the end of our interview, we were challenged by a statement Caesar made to us about two weeks ago, he said here in St. Vincent & the Grenadines the youth are not making enough effort to help themselves as there is so much opportunities around. He use to shout and scream when he first came here because he was not accustomed to seeing young people so laid back but pushers and shapers of their destiny like back in Nigeria.

When asked what advise he would give to youths in SVG and around the world this is what he had to say:

  •  Believe in yourself and see something that is noble in you.
  • Its not about moving with the trends, see beyond the ordinary
  • Look inwards, see the invisible and dare to achieve the impossible
  • Be disciplined and cultured enough to work towards fulfillment.
  • Invest in yourself so much that when people make contact with you they will never forget the moment.
  • Don’t live your life just for clubbing and partying
  • Don’t try to live larger than life when you have a vision that is still maturing
  • Work on expanding your plans forget about the shoes, clothes, accessories for now they will come but this is the time to invest in yourself for the vision that is before you
  • Be discontented with mediocrity

Caesar believes God sees the heart and he knows your vision, leave the “how” to Him, same way he advised Abraham to lift up his eyes and see, he is expecting us to do the very same. What worked for him was that Ifeatu started to do whatever he could do at the time with what he had in his hands, then he started to see progress after progress.



Presently, He is here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines training as a medical doctor and is working towards his global goal to provide quality care around the world, through the Holistic Medical Center he intends to open  gradually along his career. He did not settle for a first degree but is now pursuing his second and believes he now has lots more to learn and is looking forward to being mentored by other skilled doctors around the world.

ceasar 12.jpgMy life is to provide that one thing a person might just need to save their lives while on earth, there is no second chance for a first impression and he has always believed “DO IT NOW, DO THE RIGHT THING THE FIRST TIME”.

Goal-1.jpgWe at Constructive Solutions Inc. are delighted to have had this opportunity to meet and hear Caesar share his amazing road to victory. We  are located in the Baynes Brothers Building Halifax Street Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines, we are a local Civil Society Organisation and our aim is to continuously prepare, promote and celebrate entrepreneurial citizens, as we all seek to gain a quality life and sustainable livelihoods. Road to Victory is one of our digital media programs which will share with the world wide web more inspiring stories of how these unsung heroes of our day have been making progress in their lives.

If you believe you have an inspiring story please make contact with us today we would be more than happy to arrange an interview with you. Call us today (784) 492-0908 or by email:




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