Entrepreneurship is Not for Grabbers


Many will ask what is an entrepreneur? In simple words I would say “one who creates and does not imitate while finding a solution for one of life’s challenges”.

When was the last time you took a minute to realize you have a skill or talent that can actually solve a problem? Perhaps now you’re scratching your head but it’s so true… We have life and its filled with lots of experiences and along the way we learn many lessons, skills and even discover new talents, but how many times have you actually use this to solve a problem in your immediate community?

This morning as I was thinking about my day the thought popped into my head, “Entrepreneurship is not just about making money, and it’s definitely not for those who figure once I make sales or money am fine, here is the reality it won’t work for you.

12489309_10156402618370517_2079600943988346551_oEntrepreneurship is more, first is a vital option to solve many of the things we daily complain about, yes create the solutions… What about the late and reckless transport public systems we have to undertake daily, what about those lights in the house that keeps shooting up your utility bills, what about the high incidents of non-communicable diseases? Yes, problems are all around us and this is why Constrictive Solutions Inc. was formed.

cropped-1264261_10153247408780517_427764891_o-3.jpgOur aim is to Prepare, Promote and Celebrate Entrepreneurship development within our community, we work close with young people especially between the ages of 18-29 to help them discover who they are, what is it they have in their hands and how to use it.

We believe in helping people to find their alignment because we know this is the path to success while on earth. We wholly agree with the writings of Georgina Terry who in her book, the Race to Entrepreneurial Freedom said, we need to find our purpose, and then that will fuel your passion and then you aim to align that to your career.

we salute 2Many people spend all day just selling, they never even recognize they are not really managing their businesses or even see themselves as Managers, we discovered also that many people are quite satisfied to follow man made traditions instead of allowing that creative juice which we call “the secret sauce” to flow.

In this brief article we hope once again to stimulate minds to develop their individual entrepreneurship mind-sets, this does not mean in each case a business will be formed but it means that people will take more responsibility and learn how to better manage the spaces of the earth they occupy and hence create more sustainable livelihoods and a much better quality life.


So are you willing to invest in your personal development, don’t hesitate another day, make contact with us, our project team would be more than happy to walk you through a complementary assessment and together we can begin to plan your steps ahead.

We can be contacted at our project office, Top Floor Baynes Brothers Building Halifax St. Kingstown St. Vincent (Appointment only) and we accept serious queries by email; info@consolinc.org , we are very ready to help you as we implement our social. Economic and environmental sustainable development project; “  S.V.G Innovative  Entrepreneurs Challenge.

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