Young Vincentian males with big dreams…


Surely every day is not sunshine, but it lights up your day when you can make the time to listen to our young males who have locked within them some amazing visions… Today C. S.Inc spent a few moments with Ricky Hill and Kamilo Blake, two aspiring, very talented, innovative and creative male entreprenuers.


In this era and modernize generation as many say our males are being drowned by so much negativity, but we
have two young men who are not prepared to sit back and let this happen to them. Kamilo and Ricky share very similar traits especially the love for the camera… actually Ricky said he took the time to teach Milo a few tips and now he is amazed how he has grown and taken off with his creativity which is his own original style, KB Pixels, while Ricky love videography with his very own


We are building a temporary they say, our goal is to create a mega media centre right here in SVG one day… Constructive Solutions Inc. Will help to Prepare, Promote and celebrate their growth and successes as part of out sustainable development project SVG Innovative Entrepreneurial Challenge…


This kickstarts so our renewed program activity, Road to Victory a joint initiative with Edge Media Centre located in Roseau Sion Hill, Kingstown. More on their story coming soon with the their digital interviews, we will keep you up to date. Are you between the ages of 18-29 and want to inspire other young people? EACH ONE PUSH UP ONE” contact us today for an exclusive interview. Email:



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