Think →Talk →Take Action

“Steady! Let’s Get This Business Ready.”

You have an idea and have dared to be different; you have made a very good choice. We  at Constructive Solutions Inc. can help you to develop it.

IMG_1186Here are some steps needed to be taken to create and grow your business.

  1. Business Planning:

Your business is born from the day you have the vision. We have a simple method to success: – T.T.A- Think. Talk. Action.

  1. Draw a small picture of what you see and hear in your head, on a blank sheet of paper.
  2. Once we write out all the ideas and ways to do it, we begin to hear and see (No you are not crazy!)
  3. Arrange to have a business assessment completed with one of our business representatives. This assessment will show where you are today and how we are going to create your picture.
  4. Together, let’s make it happen. Generally it should take 4-6 months to take care of the organizational aspect of your business.
  • Start-up Plan
  • Development Plan
  • Registration of business name/ company.

Registration can be done with:

  • A.T Division (optional)
  • Ministry of Health (optional)
  • I.S
  • Commissioner of Police (liquor license or vendor license)
  • Customs and Exercise Department

IMG_0988Our team at Constructive Solutions can guide and even assist you with these tasks.

  1. What about your technical skills or talents? Every business person or entrepreneur should be skilled in every aspect of running a business. These areas include:
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing/ Sales
  • Production
  • Customer Care
  • Human Resource Management
  • Presentation Skills

Do not let these scare you away if you don’t have them, but make sure you plan to personally develop as you walk along the way.

  1. We at Constructive Solutions can refer you to our professional partners whom will assist you by providing these necessary services. We will even turn you in the right direction of coaching classes which can help you improve your skills.

Now you are ready to take on a whole new world, we are happy to guide, advise and monitor you as you progress.

Our business representatives are happy and ready to assist you in taking your ideas to reality.

Contact us today and let’s do it: T.T.A



Take Action.

Tel\whatsapp: (784) 492-0908



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