“Legacee Marketing & Sales Host its dynamic Inaugural Spotlight Event in SVG”


Monday 04th April 2016… Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Legacee 6.jpgBreath-taking, Dramatic, Awesome, Inspiring, just great were some of the expressions echoed by participants and invited guest who were present at Alliance Francais, Upstairs the old Public Library Halifax Street in Kingstown.

Esther Davis Manager Legacee Marketing & Advertising doing a dramatic piece on what takes place daily at many work places and in some business enterprises…

Founder and Co-Manager of Legacee Marketing & Advertising Agency (Esther Davis) coordinated a well needed entertainment and entrepreneurial event, which created valuable time for networking and building influence, sharing and sharpening skills and pitching entrepreneurial businesses and passions.

Legacee 13
Director  Allan Leach of C.S. Inc networking with other entrepreneurs inclusive Alitha Garraway of Auroras who also was present and exhibited samples of her various regional Best product Agriculture items. 

Constructive Solutions Inc. Directors Allan Leach was on hand additionally Executive Director  Amb. Dr. Ashley John  facilitated a presentation on the topic “Entrepreneurship & Globalization and challenged the participants to take all the great local talent, ideas, products and services  we witness today and all other days and lets start to think GLOBAL.

He reinforced that we have to collectively start to work together and do what needs to be done as a multilateral team of partners, service providers and entrepreneurs to gain access to more global market spaces with locally produced products.

Dr. John indicated, we at C. S .Inc was very pleased and inspired to collaborated with one of our local partners in “BIZ-HUB” our growing ecosystem of service providers; Legacee Marketing & Adverting,  to ensure this activity was a success and entrepreneurs knew what was needed to be done to take the next step.

Legacee11Several Corporate companies also partnered and the local Kingstown International Church of Christ were also on location and ably assisted. We will bring you more highlights of this great event.


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