Local Social Enterprise launches the S.V.G Entrepreneurial Innovative Challenge 2016-2019


Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines

IMG_1186“There is an urgent need for us as a Civil Society Organization and its multilateral partners to continuously promote a social enterprise culture, piloting innovative programs to address youth unemployment through enterprise development, build the capacity of young people to gain decent jobs and to start\manage their own businesses.”

Founder and Executive Director Amb. Dr. Ashley C. John of local Social Enterprise Constructive Solutions Inc.( non profit) made this very key observation during the designing of the three year social economic and environmental program.  “SVG Entrepreneurial Innovative Challenge” which has already started to make a mark across St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Amb. Dr. John laments C.S.Inc. is seeking to strengthen our entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide more tangible support for our citizens 18-29 years of age across St. Vincent & the Grenadines and to build more effective multilateral partnerships through implementing the project; “S.V.G Innovative Entrepreneurial Challenge” which is a CSO initiated challenge for more young people especially to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and take appropriate actions to gain more sustainable livelihoods.

Ewaste PicThis economic, social and environmental development three-year program, seeks to develop entrepreneurial minded, employable citizens across St. Vincent & the Grenadines in an effort to address and collaboratively create solutions to:

1) The barriers to employment in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is noted an important proportion of job seekers has never worked before, a fact that generally makes it more difficult to find labor opportunities.

2)         Many talented young people across S.V.G that are unemployed and need immediate support from the public, private, C.S. O’s and academia sectors to develop and implement their entrepreneurial ideas.

3)         Promote the culture of innovation in S.V.G by showcasing the benefits to entrepreneurial and work force development in the area of competitiveness to stakeholders in regard of social, economic and environmental development {Green Economy} and the private sector as related to market expansion.

4)         Showcase the value of entrepreneurship and work force development in driving positive social, economic and environmental impact, through a trend in creating businesses and income earning opportunities that are sustainable economically but also with regards to the environment and the society.

12443638_10205806165768462_194529431_oWe are optimistic to continue on our mission “to offer effective social support programmes to young males and females between the ages of 18-29, including counselling, personal, career development, entrepreneurship skills and volunteerism.

We have performed credibly over the past 5 years, reaching over 500 mainly young males and female recipients of our services and programs; providing them with personal and business assessments, coaching, monitoring, mentoring, consultations and work skills, internships and job placement referrals.

FB_IMG_1439658778323C.S. Inc has also been exceptional at facilitating entrepreneurial\life skill workshops that are very participative. We have designed a regional award winning entrepreneurial development service ‘Biz-Hub” and we have been very impactful with our follow up, monitoring, exposure and promotional opportunities for some of our recipients.

C.S. Inc have collaborated well with multi-sector organizations and have help to complement their work whilst maintaining and working towards our vision, “To be a Premier Holistic Centre in SVG  for the positive social development of young  males and females.”

“There can be no doubt about how important and timely this event and this effort is, especially in the current state of our nation (high youth unemployment), a time of great uncertainty, a time of great challenges in our nation and in the world at large but it also comes at a time of many opportunities” Adapted.

Our sustainable methodology is to train and then provide tangible resources, inclusive in-kind technical assistance and startup capital to our recipients anticipating that at least 10 shall be able to have start up micro businesses in operation by December 31st 2016, we also will help with job placement of other recipients should these opportunities arise.

To this end from April 2016, we will roll out the Developing Entrepreneurial & Employable Citizens (D.E.E.C) program which is a quarterly program targeting 25 citizens each quarter whom will also be able to pitch their ideas, be better prepared for any job\income earning opportunities that will arise.

IMG_0612We will also conduct two workforce skills readiness workshops over the year and have a National Entrepreneurs Expo which will inaugurate in June 2016 and will be repeated annually during 2016-2019.

Additionally, we would seek to build a much stronger and more effective ecosystem of service providers to aid in the provision of in-kind technical and capital support which will be offered to our citizens.

For this initiative to be supportive we would definitely need to acquire technical support in enterprise\employment development and finance for programming and operations through developmental funding and expand our sustainable social enterprise.

12486067_10156402615340517_6638405128966469899_oWe have been having discussions with several local, regional and global stakeholders and we are happy to have Legacee Marketing and Advertising as a service provider and the Mustique Charitable Trust coming on board with us to co-sponsor the upcoming 2016 Camp Biz-Hub, a special boot residential camp for potential young entrepreneurs which will commence in August 2016.

We are therefore appealing to all persons and corporate citizens who want to join us and make a tangible investment in our young people 18-29 years of age to contact our project office by email: info@consolinc.org or by Tel \ WhatsApp (784) 492-0908.

You can follow some of our work already stared with the social media program “We Salute” a promotion of Vincentian entrepreneurs. Together lets #upyourgame and live out our motto “Each one Push Up One”.

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